The Benefits of Managed Network Services Solutions

By Robert McGuire

Network services are functions provided by the network infrastructure that offer value to your business process. Network services:

  • Are a wide range of software and connectivity tools managed by a central group and distributed to networked computers.
  • Connect individual workstations, servers and networks to each other through hardware, software and wires. Part of network services include telephony and network security.
  • Ideally should all work together to provide your business a healthy, redundant, state-of-the-art computer communications environment.
  • Offer several advantages, ranging from increased quality control to performance and issue management.

You must have a lot on your “to-do” list:

  • Oversee a complex computer network
  • Manage the people on the teams in your department
  • Untangle complex technology
  • Stay within budget
  • And most importantly – Keep the IT up and running without any problems for the organization

If you work with Telmac we can be the ones,

  • Keeping current on emerging technologies for voice, data, local, managed and mobility services.
  • Helping you manage your network services to keep your telecom and mobility in check.
  • Tracking changing rates, contractual terms and conditions and the confusing language that comes along with it.
  • Working with you to determine competitive rates and clarifying confusing terms and conditions.
  • Comparing your current costs with leading rates and terms and conditions.
  • Reviewing contracts and rate variables to establish a range of cost and contractual improvements.
  • Creating a strategic plan to boost your business objectives while maintaining vendor relationships for the best post-contracting performance possible.
  • Catching and correcting billing errors that could cost your business substantial amounts of money.
  • Aligning your mobility needs with the right rate plans to cut costs and increase performance without disrupting user services.

Telmac’s Network Services Solutions helps IT leaders manage their network services and keep their telecom and mobility costs in check. If this is the kind of help you could use, contact Telmac today and learn more.

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