Case Study 03

150+ Site Insurance Broker Reduces Connectivity Spend


  • Retail risk management
  • 2,600 team members
  • $744M run rate revenue
  • 53K clients and growing


  • Too many vendors and bills
  • Too many deployed circuits
  • Cost of the network was way too high
  • Current IT staff spread too thin
  • High growth with no single unified methodology for onboarding

Reduction Of MRC Costs

  • Reduction Of MRC Costs By Over $500k Per Year
  • Redesigned infrastructure
  • Added nationwide CPE management
  • Reduction of new location on-boards
  • Plan to manage infrastructure

Annualized Savings

Vendor Reduction >81%
Bill Consolidation >84%

Massive Reduction Of Spend

  • Consolidate the vendors from 21 to 4 and 80 invoices down to 7 invoices
  • Over a 90% reduction in both vendors and bills.
  • Reduction of MRC costs by over $490K per year
  • On-board new location in 5-10 days with a single predictable design and methodology regardless of the location type.

Telmac was able to reduce vendors and invoices, increase bandwidth, create a faster turn-up of new locations, put into place outsourced management of all CPA further reducing costs to manage the deployed CPE, and created an IT Team that can focus more on the Ux and Cx rather than just ‘keeping the lights on.’ This results in over $890K in annualized savings and clear WAN path for the next 3-5 years.

Our WIN/WIN Agreements include flexible terms that work within our client’s budgeting and logistical objectives.

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