Case Study 05

Global Medical Device Manufacturer Reduced Spend by over 300K Annually


  • Global Medical Device Manufacturer
  • 3K Employees
  • Global 20 Countries
  • Contact Centers – 4 in 4 Countries


  • Out-Dated Cisco DMVPN global infrastructure
  • Multiple vendors’ firewall devices deployed globally
  • IN-efficient handling of cloud workloads
  • Multiple deployed phone systems
  • Multiple deployed contact center platforms deployed
  • Several collaboration tools being leverage

Quantitative – Savings of $2.4M over Five Years

Annualized Savings

Reduced costs over 3 years

Full Scope IT Technology & Lifecycle Planning

  • WAN
  • CPE
  • Firewall and Edge Security
  • Telephony
  • Collaboration
  • Contact Center

Reduced costs by over $1M over 3 years…

…while modernizing the entire global data, security, collaboration, Contact Center, and voice footprint.

  • Typical designs see increase costs of 10% up to 30%
  • >$120K – Adding SOC services was a new cost but was able to layer in due to savings in other areas within IT (listed below)
  • <$300K – Collapsing all premised based voice circuits and CPE into a 100% cloud model reduced cost by over $300K per year
  • <$300K – Was able to reduce head count by 3 FTE with the consolidation of services and CPE

Our WIN/WIN Agreements include flexible terms that work within our client’s budgeting and logistical objectives.

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