How Will Managed Mobility Services Help My Company?

There are any number of companies trying to sell you a wide range of services.

What is managed mobility services and how will it help you and your company? Why is it worth the investment?

  • Known as MMS, it’s the deployment, procurement and management of mobile apps and devices, services and PC software which used to connect those using mobile devices (in or out of the office) with the current enterprise management.
  • The job of the company providing MMS is to make life easier for IT departments by relieving them of the responsibility of coping with the complexity of managing various device platforms. The benefit to the client is normally better service at what could be dramatically lower cost.

It’s been estimated that the annual costs of mobile devices is about $1900 per user including service plans, hardware, internal IT and mobile device management/security.

  • Because of rising costs and changing needs you may be over paying but you won’t know that for sure if you’re not managing your mobility in a comprehensive way.
  • With managed mobility services those costs become much easier to see, which is the first step to reducing or eliminating costs.

By reviewing your monthly plans and quarterly reports we ensure you’re maintaining cost control and reducing security risks. We look at spending patterns to identify savings opportunities. Once we clarify your costs we can compare them to similar organizations to help you get the best value possible.

The only thing that is constant is change.

The only thing that’s constant is change, including improved technology and you changing needs so your wireless needs fluctuate. We can find the right type of mobile plan for your organization and budget.

With dozens of carriers, partners and resellers in the wireless industry plus hundreds of devices managed mobility services is not a simple operation. Each of these businesses offer different features, prices and coverage. NetFacilities leverages our relationship with these vendors to negotiate the best value for our clients.

The Bottom Line

What’s the bottom line for NetFacilities managed mobility services? In addition to the time energy and effort we save IT departments we could also improve their mobile capabilities and lower their costs. Every situation is unique but we cut costs for a manufacturer by an average of about $25,000 a month.

  • Prior to Telmac getting involved the company lacked a structure or the capability to manage mobile devices or their expenses. Each employee dealt with their devices individually and the company paid them back under their bring your own device (BYOD) policy.
  • Eligibilities for upgrades weren’t being tracked and the company had no control of costs of devices, types of plans or options for when employees traveled.
  • They were dealing with 150 bills and expense reports each month while trying to support their employees and improve productivity.

If you think NetFacilities managed mobility services can help you and your company, contact us today. We can talk about the challenges you face and how we can help. We can also provide you with a free assessment of your situation and you can see the savings we may be able to provide you at no obligation.

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