What We Do

We Know The Absolute Lowest Rates Possible For The Products & Services You Require.

Auditing & Cost Management

Managing infrastructure and security expenses is challenging. 

Proactive organizations re-evaluate their costs and design on a regular basis. Reducing existing IT expenditures involves analysis of invoices, contracts, scalability, future planning, and a full understanding of current market rates.

Because we see over a hundred topologies every year, we are ideally suited to assist your teams in relaying the absolute best cost, contract terms, and vendor guidance for the services you have today as well as fully understanding the market for any technology projects you have moving forward.

Transformation Experts

There are hundreds of choices when it comes to your voice, contact center, data, cloud, and security infrastructures.

It is a huge undertaking to figure out which vendors are best in their specific area. On top of that, how will a potential product or service assimilate into your infrastructure?

Our Free Audit and Assessment for Savage IT Leaders help you and your team determine, is a customized fashion specific to your business, which technologies best suit your team’s needs while also providing guidance on savage cost cutting measures, step by step.

Outstanding IT leaders choose Telmac’s risk-free services for better, cheaper, faster solutions. Telmac provides high-quality recommendations, planning, and implementation that will help your business sustain and grow into the future.

Negative Scalability Gap

The difference between IT Resources and IT Demand.

Available Resources

Do you find yourself with a project list that requires resources and/or budget well beyond your available resources?

Manageable Demands

In a world where technology is changing so aggressively, do you find the demands on your team unreasonable, considering their day-to-day responsibilities?

expert-level experience

Do you find yourself assigning projects to individuals on your team that do not have expert-level experience vetting market options and writing business cases?

The Negative Scalability Gap is causing an inability for IT Leaders to attend to projects that need prioritization, funding, or even completion.

Telmac has a team of experienced SMEs that can align with your team’s resources to increase the pace and accuracy with which you tackle these projects. A bonus residual effect is our SMEs will increase your team’s capabilities and knowledge base exponentially.

Anti-Conflict Security Clause

Our Reputation of “Savage Security” Is All True

Cybersecurity is a space where one vendor can never cover all technical requirements without significant compromise. For example, if you sell and project manage cybersecurity service implementation, you cannot be the same organization that runs the pen-testing or attestations. Telmac’s “Savage Security” includes the understanding that an organization will need an Anti-Conflict Security Clause. Telmac has the experience and ecosystem (without conflict) to assist in this effort.