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Regional & Global In Your Market Since 2001

Over $200M In Annualized Savings With U.S. & Global Companies Across 150 Countries.

Telmac has been at the forefront of Global IT Solutions since 2000. Our roots are heavily grounded in the large complex multi-national enterprise space. Telmac has been working in your market for over 20 years

Our clients enjoy improved infrastructure design and reduced overall operational costs. Our WIN/WIN agreements include flexible terms that work within our client’s budgeting and logistical objectives.

Telmac has become so critical to its customer’s success that a large majority of CIOs continue to immediately re-engage Telmac as they progress throughout their careers.  

A good sign of a well-honed IT Infrastructure is the price they pay for products and services. The Telmac Team has negotiated thousands of contracts for the services required to run your business.

We know the absolute lowest rates possible for the products & services you require. Whereas a direct rep from your vendor is going to charge you the highest rate possible that you are willing to pay; your Telmac Team’s mission is to ensure you are always paying the lowest rate possible.

This enables you to prove our value to your business. This has been our philosophy since 1989:  lowest rate possible while still maintaining the appropriate service support and operational performance