Enterprise Services

Telmac’s Experience And Resume Of Subject-Matter-Experts Within Security Infrastructures, Voice, Cloud, And Data Are Unmatched.

Risk-Free Savage Efficiency

Telmac’s proprietary risk-free Audit & Assessment Service uncovers how much over-market your current costs are, as well as score-carding your vendor contracts customized to your business requirements.

UC & Contact Center
Telecom Auditing & Cost Management

Outstanding IT Leaders choose Telmac’s Risk-Free Services for bigger and better voice, data, security, contact center, mobile, and video solutions. Telmac provides high-quality recommendations, planning, and implementation that will help your business sustain and grow into the future.

Experienced Network

Telmac has a network of experienced SMEs that can augment your teams’ resources to increase the pace and accuracy with which you tackle these projects.

Telmac leverages a defined and repeatable methodology that has been proven, through years of successes, to reduce IT expenses and improve overall technological capabilities.

This consistently yields our clients and customers between 20-40% savings. Money that can be repurposed to fund critical projects, hire additional resources, improve customer experience, and show improved IT productivity.


Threats come from every vector point in your network— outside hackers looking to steal your important data, disgruntled employees looking to enact revenge, even nation-state sponsored entities trying to steal your intellectual property. Telmac can help.

Contact Center & Collaboration

From Communication to Productivity to Revenue Generation, UCaaS, CCaaS, XCaaS is the delivery of communications, contact center, and collaboration applications and services through a third-party provider over an IP network, usually the public Internet.

Cloud Services

Most businesses strive to operate on “cloud nine”. When it comes to implementing cloud-based services for optimal results, many are still in a state of “cloud-confusion”.

Telecom Auditing & Cost Management

The team at Telmac is laser-focused on recovering and reducing telecommunications expenses and providing solutions for voice, data, and wireless services that reduce existing IT expenditures.

Network Services

Telmac has direct relationships with over 150 premium global data and voice providers. In addition, Telmac has a vast knowledge of the global SDWAN, UCaaS, CCaaS, DTaaS,/VDI, Data Center, and Cloud Services marketplace.

Mobile Services

The influx of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), always shifting wireless plans, and the changing needs of technology make it difficult to stay current with the most cost-effective plans.

We Know The Absolute Lowest Rates Possible For The Products & Services You Require.

A good sign of a well-honed IT Infrastructure is the price they pay for products and services. The Telmac Team has negotiated thousands of contracts for the services required to run your business.

Your Current Rep Is NOT Your Friend

While reps for the most part have good intentions, ultimately the vendor’s job is to charge you the highest rate possible that you are willing to pay.

Telmac’s clients benefit from an improved infrastructure design & reduced overall operational costs. The proverbial, Bettter – Cheaper – Faster!!

Our Telmac Team’s mission is to ensure you are always paying the lowest rates. This enables you to easily prove our value to your business. This has been our philosophy since 1989: “We negotiate the lowest rates possible while improving service support and operational performance.