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Mobile Services

Telmac Mobile Services - Mobility Management Solution & Consulting

If you’re an IT leader interested in mobile services, you know that managing mobility is a top concern.

After all, the influx of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), always shifting wireless plans, and the changing needs of technology make it difficult to stay current with the most cost-effective plans.

We’ve helped hundreds of enterprise and global clients save millions on wireless costs. Take our global consulting client who was spending $22 million on wireless plans spread out over 55 vendors and 344 vendor accounts. We reviewed their contracts, negotiated improved deals, improved efficiency, and were able to save them $4 million dollars in the first year.

Our goal is to save you money. Outsourcing your mobile management is a smart decision for most enterprise-level companies. That way, you can focus on other important IT needs knowing that you have increased visibility and control over the wireless plans.

There are three main ways we help our clients: Total cost management, turnkey cost reduction, and contract negotiations.

Contract Negotiations

The Wireless Industry Doesn’t Stand Still

As you know, there are dozens of carriers, partners, and resellers in the wireless industry plus hundreds of devices. Each of them has a wide variety of features, price points, and coverage. As if that isn’t confusing enough, new devices, frequently changing promotions and other fluctuating aspects mean costs don’t stay the same.

Many businesses are paying for features they don’t need. If your company has no mobile plan or you’re not quite sure how much your employees are spending on their mobility, then it’s likely you’re spending more than necessary, month after month.

Telmac leverages our relationship with key vendors and your numbers to acquire the most advantageous wireless plans for your organization. Then, under our Managed Mobile Solution service, we review them monthly to ensure you’re only paying for what you need.

Visibility And Control Helps Control Costs

When you have full visibility and quality control into your company’s mobile plans, it’s easier to save money and increase efficiency. New devices bring new applications and ways to consume data which means today’s businesses have to be flexible. We offer an integrated approach that streamlines the complicated and ever-changing environment of mobility so that you have complete financial transparency and vendor controls.

Mms Gives You A Competitive Advantage

Capable employees paired with the right resources give you a strong competitive advantage. Telmac can help you create a new wireless plan or manage an existing one. We’ll review your current plan and make recommendations based on your business strategy.

Our seasoned team of talented professionals will ensure you’re able to get the best wireless plan that meets your needs at the best price – and keep it that way. Our specialty is managing growth while saving you money.

Your Return On Investment

Our seasoned team of wireless experts uses advanced analytics capability to compare and manage your wireless contracts and agreements. You’ll receive a report that simplifies the available plans and your needs and makes recommendations to save you money.

We helped one global consulting firm save $4 million in their first year. How much can we save you?

Our Integrated Sourcing Can Implement Your Plan

We offer an Integrated Sourcing Service to implement your newly developed mobile plan. We’ll study your usage patterns and business needs to deliver a customized wireless plan, negotiate with vendors, and ensure the plan is implemented as cost-effectively as possible.

We Streamline Your Mobile Plan

Our seasoned team of experts has decades of experience working with global companies and saving them money on their mobile usage. We’ll review your current plan for managing multiple mobile devices and compare it to other plans to find the one best for your needs. When we manage your devices, you won’t have to be concerned about repairs or other mechanical concerns either since we’ll take care of it for you.

We’ve save hundreds of companies millions of dollars in their mobility plans. We’d love to help you. Please contact us today to see how we can help you save.

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