Are you satisfied with status quo services and ho-hum contracts for your Telecom and IT services contracts?
Are you afraid of taking a risk? Or do you know the real risk is doing nothing at all?

Telmac is a full-service Telecom and IT services consulting and sourcing company. We help IT leaders lead their business to greatness with superior solutions. There’s absolutely no risk. We do all the work. So the only risk is not acting now.

Mobile Services

Constant technical advances and changing business needs mean your wireless needs fluctuate. At Telmac, we offer Managed Mobility Services (MMS) to keep you current with the type of mobile plan that’s right for your organization.

Audit Services

Managing telecommunications expenses is challenging and needs re-evaluation on a regular basis. Reducing existing IT expenditures involves analysis of invoices, RFP, lines, taxes, volume, optimization, and more.

Network Services

The team at Telmac helps IT leaders like you manage your network services and keep your telecom and mobility spend in check. We work closely with you to create a solid strategic plan.

Cloud Services

We help our clients navigate the challenges and benefit from the opportunities to improve business processes and create dynamic, collaborative work environments.


Business threats continue to impact businesses. Threats come from every vector point in your network— outside hackers looking to steal your important data, disgruntled employees looking to enact revenge, even nation-state sponsored entitles trying to steal your intellectual property.

Risk-free services.
For tenacious IT leaders.

Great IT leaders choose Telmac’s risk-free services for bigger, better voice, data, internet, mobile and video solutions.

Is your current IT strategy meeting your business challenges? Our experts are here to help answer all your important IT questions. We gather the data, crunch the numbers and review the contracts to deliver a strategy that offers best-in-class solutions for improving all aspects of your IT services.

Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?

Telmac is a full-service strategic IT consulting and sourcing company.
We help businesses take charge of their IT with risk-free services.

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