Implementing AI Software

Typing on laptop with robot hand coming out of the screen.

For my CISO & Security friends out there, if you’re company is thinking about implementing AI software into some of your company’s core functions, please ensure you’re paying attention to permissions and compliance. It’s one thing to create a “wiki” for informational purposes; it’s completely another thing if you start automating processes without stringent oversight. […]

Is AI Replacing Human Agents

Contact Center Agents

AI is not replacing human agents. It is making them more effective and focused which is a great thing. Has your contact center automated repetitive tasks? Do you have a strategy to leverage AI to improve CX and increase revenues? Let’s get you started today. Request a Free Assessment Today!

Automated Assistants in the Contact Center

I tend to agree with this article. When used properly, AI tools such as IVA, Automated Wrap-Ups, and Agent Coaching are AI tools that contact centers can implement right now. My team would be happy to show you how. Contact Telmac today!

AI Agents for Contact Centers

Robots working at contact center

AI Agents for Contact Center is the new buzz term however most clients are years away from being able to leverage the true power of AI inside their contact centers. If you aren’t putting that plan in place now, you’ll be years behind your competition. A Telmac Contact Center Assessment can give you the defined […]